Human Resources

The cornerstone of TECMOR is its highly qualified and dedicated staff with top educational background and wide professional experience.


All of our partners, staff and other quali¬fied experts hold degrees specialising in in the fields of economics, engineering (e.g. mechanical, electrical, chemical, etc.), business administration, manage¬ment and financial analysis, regional devel¬opment information systems, environ¬ment and sociology.

It should also be noted that TECMOR alongside the permanent staff it employs, cooperates with a significant number of business associates and experts on a permanent basis.

In general, TECMOR’s policy is to employ or cooperate with people distinguished for their dedication, their professionalism, their respect to customers' needs, their scientific competence and know-how.

Therefore, we desire that our people:

  • Do more than just leave a client with a book of recommendations.
  • Work with the client as partners to take the crucial next step in assisting the client’s implementation of those recommendations.
  • Aim to provide tangible clear-cut results that endure, with speed, precision and certainty.
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ISO Certified by DQS HELLAS
ISO 9001:2015 Certified